Human Capital Management

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What is HCM?

HCM is an abbreviation for
Human Capital Management.

A software of this type helps to manage recruitment processes, administrate Human Resources, run employer branding campaigns, as well as analyze working time and employee activity. HCM systems sometimes also appear as HRM software (Human Resources Management).

What is MintHCM?

A newest addition to our offer! Or a professional business application for managing your company’s most valuable capital.

MintHCM organizes activities related to the so-called soft HR. It is a modern tool based on two powerful, popular Open Source systems: SugarCRM CE and SuiteCRM. It can be used to run employer branding campaigns, recruit new staff, rate employee performance, store information about skills and competences, manage assignments, absences, resources and documents.

Employee Journey by MintHCM


Finding candidates, collecting applications and deciding on who to hire is indeed a very challenging task. MintHCM organizes all those processes for you. With our IT software you have everything in one place. You also save time of your HR staff and improve the candidate experience.

MintHCM allows for the management of job descriptions and the organizational structure of the company. This simple feature ensures transparency about the responsibilities of hired specialists. No more disagreements. In MintHCM you are able to easily follow the hierarchy, roles and career paths.

Taking care of the company’s image as a trustworthy, recommended employer is one of the main challenges of HR specialists. MintHCM supports promotional campaigns in order to build brand awareness among people who are actively seeking employment.

Onboarding is a feature for introducing a new employee to the company and its procedures. MintHCM offers the possibility to create a predefined checklist/ template of tasks to be performed by HR department, supervisors and the employee themselves. Get MintHCM and provide new employees with an easy and enjoyable “entry experience”.

The employee profile in MintHCM contains employee’s personal data as well as information about their place in the organization, position, department, team membership, roles, etc.

There is a great value in collecting knowledge about everyone’s competencies. And MintHCM is the ultimate tool to manage this type of information. It works as a catalog of many different skills. You can also easily rate them during employee performance evaluation meetings.

Employment history is a feature to store documents related to conditions of employment. With this module, you quickly check the current or former form of the contract, compare the salary level throughout the years of employment, check the agreement expiration date etc. Of course only if you have the proper authorization.

Performance evaluations are an important, increasingly popular (and for a good reason) element of Human Capital Management. In MintHCM you can follow the progress, engagement and possible career paths of your employees. Thanks to the data in the system, you will make rational decisions about promotions, bonuses, granting benefits, etc.

MintHCM offers extensive functionality to manage work schedules. It allows you to track the operating hours spent on individual tasks, study team productivity, observe the employee’s calendar, and on this basis, select people for future projects.

Thanks to MintHCM you don’t need an additional external tool to keep appointments, schedule meetings, delegations, phone calls, etc. You will comfortably plan your days directly in the software. Just click the appropriate date and choose one of the options: working from office, working from home, on a holiday.

MintHCM is an ideal tool for planning business trips and all related details. It allows for managing accommodations, means of transport, appointments, stops, meetings and so on. All from the handy Delegations module.

Many companies struggle with shortage of resources such as cars, conference rooms, projectors, etc. The first-served principle is not always the best solution for it. In MintHCM you can reserve necessary resources by sharing the reason and the hours you need them for. This prevents organizational chaos and surprises such as: busy conference room when a customer arrives.

In MintHCM you can easily check who will not be in the office on a given day The system (on a separate calendar) shows you not only the absence period but also its reason. In addition to business trips and sick leave, possible options include: holiday, work from home, occasional leave and other justified absences.

Offboarding is a mirrored reflection of the onboarding procedures. The feature helps you keep track of the corporate equipment, reminds you about signing relevant documents and offers a mechanism for handling exit interviews at the end of business cooperation.

MintHCM offers an advanced reporting functionality. Many interesting KPIs about Human Capital Management can easily be showcased in the form of predefined dashlets. Create a report you need and simply place it on your main dashboard.

A crucial aspect of Human Capital Management is finding a way to safely keep all the employment-related information. For this reason, an administrative panel is one of the key features of MintHCM. It is the place where you can define roles and assign permissions to other modules. Log-in as Admin and check your Settings tab to find many options for restricting access to sensitive personal data.

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